Catalog of Sarrant’s school

The catalog of Sarrant’s school project was born at the local support association initiative of the village while France was in confinement.

The association asked the pupils in year 5 to imagine and illustrate a new cover for their favourite book. The book with the most popular cover was offered to each child in the class. The association commissioned Amina Bouazza and myself to design the catalogue of their creations.

This catalogue is like those of publishing houses, in which the name of the author, the book title and the name of the child who illustrated it appear side by side. In leaflet/poster format, it unfolds to reveal a typographic composition that outlines the values promoted by the association, “Read, imagine, share”. A typographical composition and creation made with ink buffers.

The catalog of Sarrant’s school will be used as a support for a wider educational project around the book and publishing professions. What’s an author? A publishing house? A typographer? What’s the importance of a cover in our choice of book among so many others?

Graphic design: Amina Bouazza, Charlène Combes
Photo credits: Amina Bouazza
Catalogue published in 50 copies, printed at the Sarrant.
In partnership with the CAF du Gers and the Association LIRES.