National Protected Areas Strategy, French Ministry of ecological transition

Design and layout of the National Strategy for Protected Areas 2030 by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. Document produced in partnership with the Ministry of the Sea and the French Office of Biodiversity.

This publication sets the roadmap of the nation until 2030 in terms of the continuing protection of protected areas via 18 measures.

I chose to create a large space for photographs, as they evoke the diversity of the ecosystems, habitats, and species that are to be protected by these commitments. I have also emphasized the visual hierarchy of the content, in a color chart specific to environmental issues.

The document was released on January 11, 2021, for the One Planet Summit, the annual international meeting on climate change. This event, initiated by the UN and the World Bank, brings together several heads of state and international institutions.

The complete online document can be downloaded here.

I designed the layout of the National Protected Areas Strategy for Biotope Communication & Édition, an agency that accompanies various public and private actors on their projects related to biodiversity and environmental preservation.

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Typography: Marianne© by M.Réguer.

Credits: L.Juhel, B.Huet, F.Larrey, O.Prohin, A.Gigou, F.Monbrun, Clo & Clem, S.Gaudin, D.Carles, S.Gelabert, D.Coutelier, A.Bouissou,  P.Erhel-Hatuuku, Y.Stephan, F.Mazéas, G.Feuillet, M.Rauch et P.Saulay.

National Protected Areas Strategy