Le Petit Espanté

Art direction, project management and layout of the destination magazine Le Petit Espanté n°3. Project manager for n°4.

The 2019 edition, had a print run of 100,000 copies, which were distributed in tourist offices, accommodation providers, open-air markets and tourist sites in the Tarn region (France).

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Tarn Tourisme | www.tourisme-tarn.com
Illustrations | www.catherinecordasco.com

Photo credits: L. Béziat, P. Walter, PL. Le Cabellec, C.Rivière ; D.Viet ; @youmakefashion ; @theballoondiary ; @buchowskiphotography ; @mamanvoyage ; @maryquincy ; @ellesenparlent : @etdieucrea ; @tripinwild ; @nicky.barriere ; @pipelette_et_salopette ; @thicorcreassist.
Print : Roto France | Paper : UPM START MATT