Reader Experience

Expérience Lecteur (Reader Experience) is a research project that explores new book formats through an interactive reading platform.

Based on the principle of “books in which you are the hero”, the reading progress is made according to the choices of the reader.

The project is based on 4 reading experiences presented by Marielle Macé in her book “Façon de lire, manières d’être”. The program I developed generates extracts from the book based on the type of reading experience chosen by the user as he reads.

1 color
= 1 narrative path
= a type of reading experience

These reading experiences add up in the background. They create a singular colour chart for each user. It is therefore a colourful palette that reflects an emotional state of reading. At the end, the user is invited to print out his colour chart obtained as a bookmark. In this way, he keeps track of his own browsing.

Try the experience here!

The “Expérience Lecteur” project was born out of the Research and Creation Workshop (ARC) “Edition – New Forms” at ESAD in Orléans (France). It was presented during the collective exhibition Keep in touch at the Lab’o in Orléans from 28 April to 10 May 2017 and at the Chaumont International Graphic Design Biennial from May to September 2017 as part of the exhibition “Cartography of Graphic Design Research“.