VNF – Communication campaign

You have probably already encountered Myriophyllum heterophyllum forming thick green mats in shallow areas of French canals and rivers.

Since 2011, VNF – a French government organization responsible for managing navigable waterways – has been dealing with the proliferation of this invasive exotic plant that is unbalancing ecosystems and hindering navigation.

As a communication and marketing officer for Biotope Communication (and also thanks to my graphic design skills), I supported VNF in its strategy for fighting against Myriophyllum heterophyllum by implementing a national information and communication campaign for users and territorial directors of the waterway.

This strategy paid off and was awarded the “Salue d’initiative” prize by the CEREMA.

  • Assessment and communication plan
  • Consultation
  • Creation of a library of original pictograms
  • Design of all communication materials
  • Fabrication Quality Assurance

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VNF maquette